I made myself some equipment to use on the new QO100 satellite
By mean of this website I will make some of those part available to other radio hams.
Below you can find these parts and how to order.

POTY dualband antenna kit

"POTY" (Patch Of The Year) Is a simple dual band dish feed for Es'hail-2 / QO-100

This antenna is designed by Mike Willis G0MJW, Remco den Besten PA3FYM and
Paul Marsh M0EYT
TX 2400 MHz Circular polarized patch antenna
RX 10500 MHz Linear horn antenna with dielectric lens

All parts to built the antenna can purchased here.

"discontinued !!!!!!" 20W power amplifier kit

This Amplifier is designed by Rens PA3AXA and myself to use with a bare mixer to make SSB on QO100. It has good filtering and 50dB gain

Filtering inside the amplifier is good enough to use 28MHz IF.

If you want to use a Pluto as a driver be sure the output of the Pluto is adjusted at -7dBm or use an attenuator to get it there.

Building manual and instructions here.

miscellaneous stuff

Seen a lot of printed SMA grips around, but none of them worked well. Or they where to wide or they where to tight to fit.
I decided to design an always fit type!
Printed many of them with good result.
Fill 20%,

Download STL File
More info: