23cm circular patch dish feed

To try some EME tests on 23cm I made myself a dish feed following the design of SM6FHZ and SM6PGP

Find the original publication here

For coupler I use a hybrid made out of 4 pieces quarter wave coaxial cable.
2 pieces 50 Ohm and 2 pieces 35 Ohm. Below you find a photo of the coupler.
I measured the coupler connected to the patch ports, it has an isolation of 18dB including the RL of the both patch ports. In my opinion this is a good figure.


To hold the feed I diceded to design a 3D printed enclosure. This enclosure holds the patch with the coupler and also the BFR(ring)in front of the patch. Some holes and reinforcements are integrated to mount the assembly in the focus of the dish.
Below some photo's how it ends up.


Here you can download the STL files of the parts

Backplate of the enclosure here
Cover of the enclosure here
BFR holder here

On short notice I wil test this feed against the moon!